Ich bin blau







Butho Tanzperformance der Compagnia Kha

Kea Tonetti (Tanz) & Roberto Papini (Musik)

Juli 2013

Tanz-Kultur-Dialog – Internationales
Kulturfestival auf dem Rosenhof

Gabriel Flain für unevisual

16:41 Minuten


Yo soy Azul (I am blue) by Compagnia Kha

The azure bird that lives in the shining emptiness of my heart is free and wishes to sing, fly and dance, but I’m often afraid to meet him, to love him and release him in flight. „Yo soy Azul“ is a journey inside himself, where the body and the soul undress themselves, going through more layered personality, that veil the memory. Azul, forgetting his origin, pass trough the crisis and meets suffering, anger, delusions, desires, pleasure and attachments, letting emerge the wounds of the unloved child. The call of Azul is irresistible! It’s a roof that is uncovered and lets enter the sky in a room, you come back to see with the amazed and pure eyes of a baby, it is a rebirth to a new breath, beyond all barriers that would hide its essence. Azul is immaterial and transparent as the sky, receptive and clear as water, it is the shining emptiness, that permeates the reality. Is it a man or a woman? It is androgynous, light and shadow, sun and moon, left and right brain, strength and fragility, harmony and chaos.

Azul is the way to infinite, where the real becomes imaginary and dream, is the other side of the mirror. Sounds and movements vanish, drown, fade away in him/her, like a bird in the sky, and the creative act becomes spontaneous, natural, effortless and free. Reborn, Azul dances the divine play of creation; freedom and joy are his/ her own nature, a revival to an irresistible deep call to the beauty of his/ her soul, to the divine essence.

Freely inspired to the arcane XX „Le Jugement“ of Marseille Tarots and to Charles Bukowski Poetry „BlueBird“.